1. Construction of the Financial Crime Department in Taurus Attica Coatings 40,000 sq.m and scaffolds 12,000 sq.m
2. Construction of the Entertainment Centre in Maroussi (METROPOLIS) Coatings 40,000 sq.m and scaffolds 8,000 sq.m
3. Construction of the Center of Management of materials(OTE) in Parnitha Athens. masonry 8,000 sq.m, 22,000 sq.m coatings, scaffolds 7,000 sq.m and exterior Insulations 7,000 sq.m
4. Building Construction (LOGISTICS) in Aspropyrgos. Cinder blocks 10,000 sq.m, coatings 20,000 sq.m Scaffolds 10,000 sq.m
5. IKEA Building Construction in Egaleo Attica. Coatings 40,000 sq.m and scaffolds 15,000 sq.m
6. EUROBANK Building Construction in Taurus Attica. Coatings 20,000 sq.m and 8,000 sq.m scaffolds
7. Construction of the department store “RIVER PALACE” in Egaleo Attica. masonry 40,000 sq.m, 50,000 sq.m coatings, scaffolds 15,000 sq.m
8. ALPHABANK office buildings construction in Botanicos Attica. Coatings 30,000 sq.m and 5,000 sq.m scaffolds
9. IKEA Building Construction in Larissa Cinder blocks with joints 12,000 sq.m, coatings 25,000 sq.m ,scaffolds 10.000t.m
10. Athens Designer Outlet Mc ARTHUR GLEN in Markopoulo artistic masonry 90,000 sq.m, artistic coatings 140,000 sq.m, scaffolds 45,000 sq.m /p>