Center for Culture Stavros Niarxos

Due to our long experience, the construction company Terna SA Has trusted us to implement a pioneering material in application and know-how, the construction of the energy shelter of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation for Culture, designed by Renzo Piano. With the support and supervision of the construction company TERNA SA We have been able to materialize and refine mechanical equipment, go into long-term testing and be able to implement a difficult, unprecedented exercise.

The integrated ferrocement shelter at a kiosk outside the project

The integrated ferrocement housing

Supervision of work by our company

Testing of work on the implementation of the ferrocement shelter

Construction of ferrocement panels for assembly

Besides the construction of the buildings, our company undertook the application of earthquake resistant earthquakes from the foundations of the building, a technique that was applied in Greece for the first time. In the application of earthquake resistant seals we developed special mechanical equipment for the completion of the works and we followed the strict specifications of the materials of the supplier company Sika Ellas SA. Following this, our company handed over the work much sooner than the original timetable. We ought to thank Terna SA For the confidence he has shown us in the development of the methodology and the implementation of the work, and to those who contributed to its realization.

Precondition for the construction of isolator anti-seismic blocks

Masonry – Coatings – External slab floors
Our company has applied standard, special anti-seismic and audiovisual masonry, inside the buildings of the Opera House, the Library, and the parking area. This masonry was first applied. At the same time, visible masonry of perforated concrete blocks was applied, fully aligned.
Our company has undertaken the coatings with the installation of special soap-granite (finishing plasters) according to Marmoline’s strict specifications.
Our company invested the outer space of the glass tower, made of special paving slabs, assembled on special spouts for draining the water – a difficult task given the very sloping surface.

Drawings of masonry of the Opera House

Masonry made of perforated concrete blocks

Internal masonry works of the Opera House

Work, flooring of special cement boards in the glass tower

Concreting of floor with strong slopes on the roof of the glass tower for the installation of special drainage cement plates

For all of the above operations, competitions and sampling took place internationally, with the participation of leading companies in our industry. With the experience, the know-how, the consistency and the strict professionalism that distinguishes us, we managed to complete the work, under strict control, with success. During the work, we employed 184 workers for about 4 years.