Masonry and bricklaying = Construction work for civil engineering constructions
Construction works for non-residential buildings / new construction works, additions, alterations and renovations
Engineering services for construction projects
Construction works for residential buildings / new construction works, additions, alterations and renovations
Development of study on the environmental repercussions of technical works/ Specialized construction projects
Specialized masonry constructions with cinder blocks
Masonry construction with cinder blocks (elevator construction)
Construction of special coatings (indoors)
Construction of coatings
Construction of coatings by placing scotia and hyaloplasm
Construction of antiseismic chocks and self-leveling plasters and enamines

Laying of dregs

Construction of masonry

Manufacture of exterior paints

Laying floors and tiles in exterior and interior

Internal anti-seismic masonry in opera and lyrical scene

Ready-made slabs of ferrociemend

Preparation of interior coatings with marmoline materials application of marmoline interior coatings 

Inner seismic masonry

Finished anti-seismic blocks on the base of the reservoirs with application of cement grout type sika groud 321 RFA 

Preparation of metal mesh panel for ferrocement application

Preparation of mixture for ferrocement application